Do you want to find full-time employment as a waiter but don’t know how to get started on your job hunt? The best way to do that is by creating a new CV that will give you a fresh new perspective on your career. At Jobs OneGlobe, you’re able to create a new CV through our professional CV builder completely free of charge and start applying for jobs in a matter of minutes.

As someone who wants to work as a waiter, you should be on the lookout for job listings published by hospitality businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and even hotels and motels with their own lounge areas or bars. Professional waiters are always sought-after and you’re bound to find great employment if you’re set on working in the industry.

By choosing to use our professional CV builder, you’ll also enable Jobs OneGlobe to assist you in finding hospitality industry employment. This is possible thanks to our network of partners and employers who are looking for CVs created by professionals looking for work. Let’s take a look at how you can get started on writing your new waiter CV and how you can begin developing your career with Jobs OneGlobe at your side.

Writing your Waiter CV Properly

Writing a great CV is all about understanding the profession you’re about to pursue. Being a waiter isn’t as simple as it might appear at first, as you’ll need great physical coordination, memorization, and stamina to keep up with the guests’ demands.

Even if you work in a team and collaborate with a barista or a bartender, you’ll still have a challenging time staying focused throughout the working day. Because of how demanding the job is, hospitality employers are on a constant lookout for individuals who are ready to commit to it. Here’s what you can look forward to in terms of a waiter’s job responsibilities:

  • Collect guest orders and deliver them to the bartender
  • Deliver guest orders, often multiple simultaneously
  • Be personable and communicative with the guests
  • Accurately communicate custom requests to the bartender
  • Recommend certain drinks/foods based on your expertise
  • Assist guests in understanding menu items before ordering
  • Work in a fast-paced, dynamic hospitality environment

As you can surmise, there is a lot that goes into being a full-time waiter. For you to land a permanent job in hospitality, you’ll need a good CV to back your passion for the industry up with the right credentials. Here’s how you can move forward with making a CV with the Jobs OneGlobe professional CV builder.

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92 waiter1 Waiter CV Writing – 5 Helpful Tips to Create a Proper CV and Land a Job
As a waiter, you’ll have an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in servicing guests and building up your interpersonal skills, which can then be added to your CV!

1. Break Down your Experiences So Far

The more details you can provide your potential employer the better your chances for employment will be. Whether you’ve already had experience as a waiter or are looking for your first job doesn’t matter – go into detail. What have you studied, where, and for how long? What volunteering experiences do you have under your belt? Which certificates have you acquired over the years?

Many employers often use job descriptions as general guidelines when selecting hospitality industry candidates. This means that you can find work as a waiter if you want to even if you studied something unrelated to hospitality. Don’t downplay your achievements and present yourself as the professional that you are.

2. Expand your Language Proficiency

Working as a waiter will mean that you’ll come into contact with people of various backgrounds and nationalities. This is why learning a new language can help you expand your employment opportunities considerably. Employers who are looking for hospitality professionals to work in tourist spots such as hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. will be on the lookout for language proficiency in candidates’ CVs.

You can improve your employment odds by picking up OneGlobe Language Learning and starting to learn a new language. You can learn 40+ languages through a dedicated browser, smartphone, and AR apps, as well as do so on your own time and without pressure. Even if you already know several languages, you can still use this program to spruce up your language proficiency and add some valuable points to your CV.

Learn a New Language with
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3. Describe your People Skills

People skills are extremely important if you want to specialize in the hospitality industry. Often referred to as “soft skills”, these skills are based on your personality and charisma and less so on learned skills and know-how. If you’re an extrovert and like working with people, this is the perfect profession for you. Some of the soft skills you can include in your CV to stand out include:

  • Patience
  • Teamwork
  • Presentation skills
  • Flexibility
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Multitasking skills

You can go into detail about your soft skills in the summary of who you are and why you’re pursuing a career as a waiter or a waitress. Because of how competitive the market is, you’ll need to present yourself as someone reliable, independent, and who can work under pressure. With these traits in your CV, no employer will look away from your job application.

4. Double-Check your Contact Info

Contact information is an essential part of any CV – be careful that yours is fully correct when you write it. Personal contact information such as your email, phone number, social media handles, and any other details you provide employers with should be double-checked. Likewise, make sure that your email, social media, and other custom contact details are professional.

Writing an email that says something improper, immature, or inappropriate for the position of a waiter in a hospitality business should be amended. It’s good practice to use your full name in your email address and social media handles to leave a good first impression and not give off any potential red flags. Take the time to present yourself as someone who people would love to work with, not as a casual job applicant who isn’t sure of whether they want to be employed.

5. Write an Engaging Personal Statement

Your personal statement will speak volumes of who you are behind the skills and expertise you’ve outlined in the CV. Employers who are looking for waiter candidates to hire for their hospitality businesses want to hire people who are nice to work with. So, take the time to write your personal statement and go into more details about your passions, hobbies, and what you believe in.

This will give your future employers plenty of information on who “you” are and how you’ll fit into their existing business culture. Your personal statement can often be more important than the skills you’ve outlined, especially if you’re looking for a first job out of college or after going through an employment gap. When you apply for jobs at Jobs OneGlobe, you’ll also have an opportunity to write a cover letter which will be paired with your CV and provide the employer with a comprehensive image of who you are.

Finding Work as a Waiter with Jobs OneGlobe

Creating your CV properly is a great first step toward you starting a successful career as a waiter with Jobs OneGlobe. Your CV will become a part of our database and we’ll do our best to help you find stable hospitality industry employment with the help of our global partners.

You’ll also be able to apply for public job listings on the platform in the meantime, further expanding your employment opportunities. Begin your journey toward becoming a hospitality professional by filling out your CV today and reaping the rewards of doing so tomorrow!

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