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Learning foreign languages will always help you grow as an individual – but what’s the best foreign language to learn if you’re someone looking for work abroad? There isn’t a single right answer to that question and opinions vary depending on the profession you want to specialize in.

German has proven to be one of the most popular choices for international job seekers across the globe. German, or Deutsch, is a West Germanic language and one of the most widely taught foreign languages in Europe. We’re here to discuss the best reasons to learn German if you’re a professional healthcare nurse looking for work abroad.

German Language Fundamentals

Why is German the best foreign language to learn if you want to look for a job abroad? Let’s start with the basics. According to World Data, German is the official language of Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxemburg. It is spoken in 14 additional countries by a part of their population, with the language owing to its roots in Indo-European languages.

Data by indicates there are more than 130 million German speakers, either native or bilingual around the world. It is the most popular language within the EU, with 289 million people learning German as a foreign language.

German isn’t easy to learn however due to its word and sentence structure, as well as the use of three distinct genders, with neutral joining feminine and masculine nouns. Despite its difficult curve, learning German is one of the best career decisions you can make as a professional, especially if you’re in healthcare. What are the reasons we can consider German the best foreign language to learn in 2022 and beyond?

German as the Best Foreign Language to Learn

1. German is Easy to Learn if You’re an English Native

We’ve mentioned how German can be quite difficult to learn despite it being the best foreign language to learn in 2022. But, if you already speak English, learning German will be much smoother. This is because German and English belong to the same West Germanic languages group and share a lot of grammatical and lingual similarities.

Over a quarter of the English language shares its origins with German, from its structure and vocabulary down to grammar. What makes German the best foreign language to learn is that not only is it easier to learn, but it can also boost your CV and odds of employment in Germany.

2. German Can Open a Lot of Professional Doors for You

The German language is renowned around the world due to how many people speak it natively, making it one of, if not the best foreign language to learn. This is why bilingual German speakers are very sought after in a variety of branches and industries worldwide. The German healthcare system is only one example of an industry that opened its doors to professionals from other countries provided they prove their proficiency in German.

By choosing this as the best foreign language to learn, you’ll be able to knock on a lot of potential doors for full-time employment. Whether you choose to become a nurse in Germany or seek professional opportunities in logistics, IT, or sales, German is the way to go in 2022.

3. Germany is a European Powerhouse in Various Industries

In many ways, Germany is the epicenter of Europe’s economy and production, meaning that it is a juggernaut in several important industries. According to GTAI, Germany is prominent in healthcare, energy, environmental technologies, and consumer industries just to name a few fundamental industries making up the German economy. The German healthcare industry is officially separated into several branches, including digital health, healthcare market, medical biotechnology, medical technology, and pharmaceutical industry.

As a healthcare professional looking for work in Germany, learning German is more than optimal for you. This is without a doubt the best foreign language you could pick up if you want to work in Germany in any capacity in the future. Knowing German, seeing that it is the best foreign language to learn, will help you specialize within your industry, communicate better with your colleagues, and otherwise do your job more proficiently than you would without speaking German.

4. Cultural Heritage from Germany is All Around Us

Learning German will help you appreciate the German cultural heritage far more than you could before. We are surrounded by music, literature, art, cinema, and other forms of media in German. While official, professional translations and transliterations do a good job of conveying the original media, reading, listening, or watching German media yourself is an experience in itself. Some of the world’s greatest minds like Freud and Nietzsche were Germans who wrote, composed, or created art in the German language.

This is also one of the reasons why German is the best foreign language to devote yourself to. By learning how to appreciate these art forms in their native language, you’ll also open yourself to higher academic pursuits down the line. You may be inclined to pursue a Master’s or a Ph.D. program in Germany as a healthcare professional after working there for several years. By being well-acquainted with its cultural heritage, German academia won’t appear as intimidating as it once did.

5. German Can Help you Build a Life and a Career in Germany

German is the best foreign language to learn for someone who wants to work in Germany simply because it will make your life easier. You will be able to integrate yourself into German society and everyday life far more easily if you can speak the language.

Germans are, while open-minded and familiar with other languages, still in favor of everyone speaking German during formal circumstances. By working in healthcare, you’ll be expected to effectively communicate with other staff, patients, and visitors in German. The best way to do that is by simply learning the language as well as you can before moving abroad and starting a life in Germany.

Start Learning German Today with OneGlobe Language Learning

Now that we’ve established why German is the best foreign language to learn for healthcare nurses, let’s talk about how you can do it. Being employed in a German hospital or healthcare institution will require you to have official language certification from a certified language institution. However, you can learn German and get to the level of being able to pass the exams through various means. OneGlobe Language Learning powered by Mondly is an amazing way to learn German and 40+ other languages. Here are some great reasons to use it for your learning:

  • Daily lessons with gamification features
  • Chatbot integration which allows for speech recognition exercises
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  • Intuitive interface designed with quick and easy language learning in mind
  • Access to both Mondly Kids and Mondly AR free of charge

Learn GERMAN with OneGlobe Language Learning!

Apply for Healthcare Nurse Job Listings with Jobs OneGlobe

Once you’ve acquired a respectable level of proficiency in German as the best foreign language to learn, you can proceed to the job search part of your journey. Looking for healthcare nurse jobs in Germany with the German language in your toolset will be very easy. As the best foreign language to learn for foreign workers in Germany, German will significantly positively affect your job hunt. Employers treat German language proficiency as a must, so without it, you’ll be at a disadvantage from the start. Here’s how to look for a job with Jobs OneGlobe and land the healthcare nurse position you deserve:

  1. Make an account on Jobs OneGlobe with your credentials
  2. Create a new CV with up-to-date information by using our professional CV builder
  3. Look at our healthcare nurse job listings and apply whenever you’re ready

Making Good Use of German as a Healthcare Nurse

If you’ve decided to move abroad and start your career as a healthcare nurse in Germany, German is the best foreign language to learn by a large margin. You will need to present your employer with official German language certification at an A2/B1 level at the least to be fully employed as a nurse. The journey from a novice learner to a native speaker is a long one, but with the right tools and dedication, nothing is impossible.

When you’re ready to apply for work in Germany, log into your Jobs OneGlobe account to get started. Our mission is to facilitate your personal and professional growth by matching you with the best job listings for you. With German as the best foreign language to learn in your hands, your career prospects in Germany will flourish and the work you put into learning German will start to pay off.

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