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Why is pursuing full-time jobs a better idea than freelancing or opting for contractual work? Full-time employment requires you to commit your time and efforts to a single employer for an indefinite amount of time. So, why is it a better option than being “your own boss”?

According to recent reports, 72% of employers have a hard time finding skilled candidates, with 74% facing harsh competition in hiring new employees. 60% of employers and recruiters use video technology to interview candidates as opposed to in-person interviewing given the global pandemic is still ongoing.

This makes it simpler for job candidates such as yourself to apply for full-time jobs abroad, or on the other side of the country without having to physically show up for the interview. Given that full-time employment has slowly come back to the forefront as COVID-19 subsides, here’s why you should pursue full-time opportunities with Jobs OneGlobe.

What Exactly is Full-Time Employment?

To understand the practical benefits of full-time employment, let’s talk about what the term means for job seekers like yourself. Based on statistical projections, 75% of the global workforce will consist of millennials by 2025. These people have vastly different expectations and standards when it comes to full-time employment as opposed to their parents and predecessors. Full-time employment means being employed with a certain employer and contributing to their company for a certain number of hours each week.

Full-time jobs feature a range of perks that are otherwise not available in the gig industry or for temporary and part-time employees (more on this later). Full-time employees are paid a fixed salary and most jobs feature the potential for the employee’s salary to grow based on performance, years of employment, etc. Even if you work with different clients indefinitely but work from home, you’re not a full-time employee as recognized by employment laws and regulations around the world.

You are only a full-time employee if you’ve signed a contract with an employer and work certain shifts and constantly contribute to their business and are paid a standard salary each month. While there was a noticeable dip in the number of employed people in 2020-2021 worldwide, Statista figures indicate that 3,29 billion people are fully employed as of August of 2021. Here’s how you benefit from engaging in such a professional relationship with Jobs OneGlobe at your side.

The beginning is the most important part of the work.” — Plato

1. Gain Stable Monthly Income

One of the most straightforward reasons to pursue full-time jobs is because they’ll provide you with a stable monthly income. Depending on where you live, minimum wage and minimum monthly income will vary. You’ll be eligible for higher-paying full-time jobs as you gain experience, expand your network of associates, and apply for senior positions.

A stable monthly income will make it much easier for you to plan both your household obligations and leisurely activities. You’ll become eligible for credit cards and be able to make investments into properties such as your own house or an apartment down the line. Most importantly, however, you won’t have to worry about day-to-day expenses as much as you do today thanks to a stable income of reliable monthly revenue.

2. Work on a Fixed, Reliable Schedule

Organizing your daily schedule is much easier if you have a reliable working schedule as well. Being a full-time employee in a company will typically involve you working certain hours, either 9-to-5, or various shifts each week. However, you can reliable organize your personal life around these working hours. This will help you manage your work-life balance and help you address any obligations, chores, and activities you need to tend to besides work.

As a freelancer or a contractual worker, organizing your day-to-day schedule will be nigh impossible because clients may contact you at any moment. Not only that, but you’ll feel obligated to work on their projects even when you don’t feel like spending 8+ hours in front of your computer or the home office. Choose full-time jobs instead if you’re the type of person that enjoys routine and a reliable daily schedule.

full-time jobs
Meeting like-minded professionals through full-time jobs is one of the best reasons to pursue one in your industry.

3. Expand your CV and Skillset

There’s always more that you can do for your professional CV. With full-time jobs under your belt, you’ll be able to add precious experience, skills, and references to your CV. These will allow you to apply for even better jobs in the future, especially if you decide to move abroad and seek international employment.

Jobs OneGlobe features a professional CV builder which you can use to create multiple different versions of your CV. Doing so will help you better cater to each employer and address what they need for their job vacancy. Jobs OneGlobe will also enable you to modify and update your CVs as you see fit, and since they’ll always be safely stored on the platform, you can access them whenever you want to. Getting a full-time job can significantly add to your CV’s overall quality, so take that under consideration when weighing whether to apply for full-time jobs.

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I worked for it
.” — Estee Lauder

4. Meet New People – Friends and Colleagues

Networking is an integral part of adulthood and working a full-time job will enable you to meet plenty of new people. Whether you work in a small startup or a large corporation, you’ll easily meet new people who you can communicate with casually and professionally. As with all things in life, colleagues can turn into friends if you click with one another, which is another great thing about “going to work”.

This is a great opportunity for you to socialize if you’re not an outgoing person because work colleagues often recognize that and want to help out. You’ll also open the doors for off-work networking, such as going to a pub with a colleague if you like one another. Again, compared to freelancing or remote work, this is a huge benefit since we are all inherently social animals. We need other people and connections to function well, and working full-time jobs will help you establish stable personal and professional networks.

5. Enjoy Your Social Security Perks

Being permanently employed with an employer will bring a plethora of benefits to you that would otherwise be unavailable. Besides your monthly salary, you’ll become eligible for social security benefits such as contributions to your pension fund, healthcare insurance, and other country and employer-specific benefits.

These perks are extremely important to consider since as a solo entrepreneur or a freelance worker, you’ll have to pay for these yourself. This will constitute working more just to pay all the necessary taxes and social security benefits you require to function as an adult.

6. Become Eligible for Vacation Leave

As a freelancer or a contract worker, you may be able to take days off whenever you feel like it. But, you’ll feel like you’re wasting precious time that you could spend working on important projects instead. Working full-time jobs will net your vacation days which are often fully compensated for. Whether you’re sick or need some time for your family or a vacation, you can use vacation days to take a break from full-time jobs. Let’s take a look at the example of the UK and its holiday entitlement regulations.

According to official sources, nearly all workers in the UK are entitled to 5,6 weeks’ worth of paid holiday leave per year. In practice, this translates to about 28 days of paid annual leave, not including any national holidays which are considered mandatory leave for everyone. Paid vacation leave is a great benefit to consider when pursuing full-time jobs because being a solo entrepreneur or a freelancer won’t allow you the same option. Every time you stop working for even a day, you’ll cost your bottom line the precious revenue you could be making instead of taking a leave.

7. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

At the end of the day, the best motivator for you to apply for full-time jobs might just be to get out of your comfort zone. In the wake of COVID-19 and social distancing norms introduced by WHO, many of us have become more introverted and home-bound. However, full-time employment can help break the pattern of staying inside and give you the motivation you need to become social again.

If you were introverted before the pandemic hit, full-time work can be even more helpful to you personally. You’ll have a great excuse and a challenge to overcome in meeting new people, socializing, and working in a team environment. As a freelancer, you’ll likely spend all of your working hours in a home office or the comfort of your couch. Try and change your status quo by applying for full-time work either locally or abroad and see where it leads you.

One important key to success is self-confidence.
An important key to self-confidence is preparation
.” — Arthur Ashe

Applying for Full-Time Jobs with Jobs OneGlobe

Full-time jobs will always bring a more stable and reliable living as opposed to contractual or part-time work. Even if you have to start small and apply for junior positions, being able to work as a fully-employed individual is very rewarding. Jobs OneGlobe features a vast array of full-time jobs in dozens of industries and niches around the globe.

If you’re looking for work and are ready to move abroad for a great job opportunity, look no further. You’ll soon learn to appreciate the perks of working full-time, even though you’ll sometimes come home tired. The personal and professional development as well as the compensation you receive from full-time jobs will be worth the effort in the long run.

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