Want to find a job as a receptionist but don’t have a great CV in your hands? Working as a receptionist is dynamic, challenging, and engaging – but it can also get stressful sometimes. Regardless, it’s a great career path to choose if you love working with people and want to expand on your management skills by tending to a front desk in the hospitality industry.

Working in hotels, motels, restaurants, and other businesses as a front desk clerk can help you enrich your CV even further and pursue exciting new opportunities in hospitality in the future. Using the professional CV builder at Jobs OneGlobe to write a new CV will give you an upper hand on the job market and help you land the position you’ll love doing.

Not only that, but Jobs OneGlobe will also be able to assist you in finding said job thanks to our international hospitality industry partners who are on the lookout for candidates such as yourself. Without further ado, here’s how you can use Jobs OneGlobe to your advantage and build a great career as a receptionist in 2022.

Writing your New Receptionist CV

Being a receptionist means being a people person. Your guests will always have unexpected questions or need assistance with vastly different situations which you might not expect. This means that working in hospitality requires you to be flexible and open-minded first and foremost. To understand what you should look forward to as a hospitality professional, here’s what you can expect to do as a receptionist once you’re employed:

  • Greet guests and direct them to their rooms
  • Process guest check-ins, check-outs, and other administrative tasks
  • Maintain your hospitality business’ security systems (cameras, etc.)
  • Promptly inform guests of changes to their accommodations/room servicing
  • Support your team in keeping the business clean, tidy, and welcoming
  • Express a problem-solving mindset when it comes to an unexpected crisis

As you can see, working in hospitality is anything but straightforward. You’ll often have to go out of your way to accommodate the needs of your guests or help out your colleagues to do their utmost when it comes to customer servicing. However, it is a very rewarding experience and you can learn a lot simply by thinking on your feet and doing what’s best for the people using your hospitality business’ services. That being said, here is how you can make your CV stand out and attract the eyes of prospective employers through Jobs OneGlobe.

Write your New CV Now

90 receptionist1 Receptionist CV Writing Guide – Top 5 Advice to Write a Stand-Out CV
Becoming a full-time receptionist will help you develop stronger communication skills, and organizational skills, and gain valuable new connections and contacts by networking at your place of employment.

1. Make Sure That Your Personal Info is Valid

Regardless of which job position you’re applying for in the hospitality industry, your personal and contact information should always be valid. You don’t want to leave a bad first impression on your CV by presenting personal information with grammar and spelling mistakes to boot.

Take your time in making sure that your data, including your phone, email, address, and other important points are valid. Even though you can always update your CV thanks to the Jobs OneGlobe professional CV builder, you’ll still have an easier time finding work if you nail this on the first try. Double-check all of your personal information before submitting your CV.

2. List your Receptionist-Related Skills

For your CV to stand out, you’ll need to use the words and phrases which are expected from a future receptionist. The easiest way to do that is by relying on certain keywords closely related to the job. By including these skills and knowledge in your CV, your prospective employer will recognize your talents and be more inclined to reach out to you. What are some of the skills closely related to this job position?

  • Verbal communication
  • Professional conduct
  • Customer servicing
  • Active listening
  • Phone skills
  • Time management
  • Supply management
  • Problem-solving skills

These are only some of the soft skills which will help you land a job in hospitality. Try and find out which ones you’re good at so that you can add them to your CV from day one. Be mindful however that any skills you add should also be truthful and ideally, backed up by certificates or referrals. Don’t try to embellish your skills because this will become apparent during your eventual job interview – be professional and transparent about your skillset.

3. Adjust your CV Based on the Employer

Every job vacancy you find at Jobs OneGlobe will naturally come with its own set of expectations from its candidates. Thanks to the CV builder provided through your candidate’s dashboard, you can create multiple CVs with the same profile. Having several versions of your CV available at any time will ensure that you’re always ready for potential job applications.

For example, working at a hotel front desk is different than working in a motel or a restaurant due to the nature of the business. Annunciating different skills and rearranging your CV information will help you make a good first impression more easily. You’ll also learn to understand employers’ expectations more clearly as you create multiple CVs for job application purposes.

4. Consider Learning New Languages

Working as a receptionist can not only be easier but much more fun if you start learning new languages early in your career. Whether you already know English or want to learn German, Italian, French, or Spanish, you can do so very easily thanks to the web.

You can start learning by checking out OneGlobe Language Learning where you’ll gain access to 40+ languages to learn. This will enable you to learn at your own pace and gain access to a variety of multimedia courses designed to make learning new languages a practical, bite-sized experience. Adding new language proficiencies to your CV will help you stand out from other hospitality job candidates and land a job that much more quickly.

Learn New Languages with OneGlobe Language Learning

5. Edit your CV to Add New Skills and Competencies

As you go through job applications, you can continue working on your skills and expertise in the meantime. You can use digital courses to expand your skillset and you can do some part-time and other work while searching for a full-time job. All of these new additions will make your CV even richer than it already is.

You can edit your CV at Jobs OneGlobe at any time to make it punchier and more focused on the hospitality industry. As someone who wants to build a career as a receptionist, you should be on the lookout for ways to learn new soft and hard skills directly related to your dream job. This will showcase your commitment to the profession and let employers know how serious you are about developing a career in hospitality.

Start your New Career as a Receptionist with Jobs OneGlobe

All it will take for you to find a great job as a receptionist is for you to create a new CV based on your current skill set and experience. If you’re committed to it, you can fill out your CV at Jobs OneGlobe and have us help you with that.

By using our professional CV builder to create a CV, it will automatically become a part of our database and we’ll be able to help you connect with prospective hospitality industry partners and employers. While we do that, you can browse the available job listings at Jobs OneGlobe and apply for any vacancies which fit your career plans.

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